Adish x Port Sa’id NYC
Tshirt Design & Costum Lettering
The collaboration between Adish and Port Sa’id NYC represents a remarkable fusion of culture and creativity. Port Sai'd, an iconic Middle Eastern restaurant founded by chef Eyal Shani in Tel Aviv, expanded its presence to New York City in 2023. To commemorate this significant milestone, Adish, an Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand, engaged in a partnership that resulted in a captivating t-shirt design. The design features custom lettering in English and Arabic, symbolizing the convergence of two languages and cultures. Hand-embroidered elements further enhance the design, paying homage to the craftsmanship inherent in both culinary artistry and fashion innovation. This collaboration embodies a harmonious blend of flavors and threads, bridging the gap between gastronomy and fashion with elegance and distinction.

The collaborative t-shirt design is a visual ode to the partnership's exceptional spirit, celebrating shared innovation and cultural exchange. It serves as a wearable emblem of the union between Adish and Port Sai'd NYC, seamlessly merging the worlds of culinary excellence and fashion artistry. As wearers showcase this masterpiece, they carry with them a symbol of harmonious creativity that transcends boundaries, a testament to the vibrant convergence of two distinct yet interconnected realms.