Mailchimp: Email is Dead Exhibition
Exhibition Design
Something Special Studios
Role: Design Lead
An exhibition bringing email off the screen and into the Design Museum.

Mailchimp is the leading email marketing platform. But when the brand came to us with a brief to concept an exhibition about email marketing, we saw an opportunity to unlock an even more powerful story about the digital workhorse.

Article after article, our research showed us that the world was pondering the demise of email. Yet, over 50 years after its inception, it remains more relevant than ever. It's outlived prime ministers, presidents, countless technological trends, and fads. Remaining the world's most trusted and reliable source of communication throughout multiple decades, impacting not only our professional correspondences but also our personal lives and cultural norms.

From this insight, Email is Dead was born, an exhibition that went far beyond the topic of email marketing, exploring the cultural power of email, its origins, and continued relevance as an essential part of our everyday lives, both personally and professionally.

Email is Dead was an interactive exhibition at the Design Museum in London in the fall of 2023, which sought to demonstrate that email isn’t dead, but more alive than ever.

Team: Sam Jayne, Allison Kong, Heena Chung, Cris Martines, Jillian Hoey, Lauren Preble, Claire Banse, Sally Symons, Nikki Brown, Tara Almassi