Miriam and Youssef
Visual Identity
The 10-part drama series by Steve Waters, exploring the founding of Israel, features a complex narrative centered around the characters of Miriam, a Jewish immigrant to Palestine, and Youssef, an Arab inhabitant forced into exile. At the heart of the story is the city of Jerusalem, a symbolic and emotional focal point that highlights the deeply entrenched conflict between the two cultures.

The identity was designed to capture the essence of the story's themes, conveying a sense of tension and drama through its use of bold, contrasting colors and evocative imagery.

The use of color was particularly important in this design, with the deep purple and off white tones representing the contrasting cultures and worldviews at the center of the narrative. The bold typography and striking landscape serve to further emphasize the drama and intensity of the story, capturing the attention of potential viewers and drawing them in to the complex world of the series.

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