Nike NFL 
Stinger Than One Campaign
Something Special Studios
Role: Design Lead
A campaign celebrating the return of football. In Fall 2021, we celebrated the return of the game with Nike Football and the NFL for the second year in a row. Leading art direction and design, we worked with Nike to create a suite of retail, .com, OOH, and social assets to communicate the campaign slogan, ’Stronger Than One.’ For this campaign, we created a customized version of the unreleased typeface "Bingo" by DINAMO, rounding up the counters of the letterforms to create a contrast between the chiseled and rounded edges. The contrast in the letterforms represents the connection between the heritage of the sport and a progressive vision for the game's future. 

Team: Michael Goldberg, Sally Simons, Raoul Gottschling, Lynn Son, Min Kim

Brooklyn, NY
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