SNKRS Showcase
Live Show Art Direction and Visual Identity
Something Special Studios
Role: Design Lead
A SNKRS Live series reinventing the way Nike announces product.

Within the Nike SNKRS app, SNKRS Live offers a variety of live-streamed shows. SSS has produced 100+ of these SNKRS Live streams featuring global Nike talent, artists, and live product drops. So when Nike came to SSS wanting to change how their products were revealed to the public (saying goodbye to leaks and unverified sneak peeks), we helped create a new series called SNKRS Showcase.

To put Nike’s best foot forward, SNKRS Showcase gives audiences a first look at upcoming drops — before a third-party website or unverified leak has the chance. The debut episode of this new series revealed over 40 sneakers, spanning Air Max, ACG, and beloved classics — an exciting preview of the future of Nike footwear.

SNKRS tapped our team for creative and production services, including conceptualizing the franchise, visual identity development, set design, animation, product photography, talent management, music production, and live-stream execution.

We designed the visual identity for the new series, producing a full package of in-stream, on-app graphics alongside continually updating visuals for the set’s LED wall. The idea of revealing classified documents informed the identity and logo. The team even created a mascot for the series dubbed the “File Guy.”

In addition to creating the graphics, we also produced product photography, capturing over 40 pairs of sneakers to be used as hero assets on the stream and beyond. Everything from the first reveal shot of each sneaker to its detailed collaged shot was considered to make an impactful first impression that would be shareable on social. The debut of SNKRS Showcase was covered by Complex, High Snobiety, and Hypebeast.

Team: Joaquin Bartra, Steven A. Soto, Jordan Stanton, Michelle Wong, Lauren Preble, Sam Jayne, Yula Ye, Drew Vogelsang


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