Summer of Something Special Vol.V
Annual Photography Book
Something Special Studios
Role: Design Lead
A visual diary of summer captured by our favorite photographers from around the globe.

2023 marks the fifth year of Summer of Something Special (SoSS), SSS’s annual photo book inviting photographers from across the globe to share their favorite summer snaps. To celebrate a half-decade of the project, we went big with Volume 5, highlighting the work of sixty-five photographers (instead of the usual ten to thirteen). Clocking in at 428 pages, SoSS V5 is our most ambitious volume yet.

We curated featured photographers through a mix of outreach to talent we admire and community submissions — the latter of which introduced us to some new favorites (and does so year after year). Featured photographers include:

Aaron Deng, Adali Schell, Adam Jason Cohen. Alima Lee, Ania Freer, Anna Pollack, Asato Iida, Ashley Markle, Carlos Jaramillo, Caroline Xia, Chris Llerins, Devlin Claro, Edward Martin Shaughnessy V, Elisa Sue Young Park, Erinn Springer, Francis Plummer, Gili Benita, Grade Solomon, Grady Neilan, Hailey Heaton, Heather Sten, Henry O. Head, Honglin Cai, Igor Furtado, Jack Bool, Jackie Kursel, Jalan and Jibril Durimel, Jeffrey A. Tang, Jeremy Grier, Jim Longden, Jorge Badillo, June Kim, Kana Motojima, Kyle Ferino, Lara Lussheimer, Lauren Alex Kim, Leslie Soto, Lily Gavin, Lindsay Ellary, Luca Werner, Lucka Ngô, Maly Mann, Marcelo Gomes, Marco Galloway, Mateo Arciniegas Huertas, Maya Krtić, Mayan Toledano, Mecca Jihad Mshaka-Morris, Mikayla Miller, Mitch Epstein, Nate Langston Palmer, Nori Rasmussen-Martinez, Pauline Scotto Di Cesare, Rafael Rios, Raphaël Gaultier, Roberto Gramostini, Sandy Kim, Sara Messinger, Shirt, Skyler Dahan, Steven Traylor, Winter Vandenbrink, Zamar Velez & Zev Magasis.

As a commemorative touch, this year's book includes a custom dust cover that unfolds to reveal a poster featuring the work of all sixty-five photographers. SSS donates all Summer of Something Special proceeds to Ghetto Film School — an award-winning nonprofit founded in 2000 to educate, develop, and celebrate the next generation of great storytellers.

We hosted events in NY and LA to celebrate the book's release, giving guests first access to the publication. Now, SoSS Vol. V is available for purchase in our webshop and select stores internationally, including Printed Matter (New York, NY), Iconic Magazines (New York, NY), Lichen (Queens, NY), Arcana (Culver City, CA), Dale Zine (Miami, FL), Library Fetish Palm Heights, and others.

Team: Michael Goldberg, Jillian Hoey, Sam Jayne, Jordan Stanton, Michelle Wong, Cris Martinez, Vivian Mak 

Photography: Enrique Alba, Adam Powell, Kadar R. Small, Emily Sarah DLT

Brooklyn, NY
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