Theo Croker
World Tour Posters
Theo Croker is a notable American jazz trumpeter, composer, producer, and vocalist with an impressive track record in the music industry. Croker has been nominated for multiple awards including the prestigious Grammy Award, three-time Echo Award nominee, and recipient of the Theodore Presser Award.

In 2018, Croker embarked on a world tour, and to promote the tour, a set of posters were created. The unique concept behind the posters was to visually capture the essence of sound by translating it into an image. The warped instruments featured in the poster were chosen to represent the sound waves being emitted from the instrument as it is played, effectively communicating the energy and excitement of Croker's performances.

The posters proved to be an effective marketing tool, not only for promoting Croker's tour but also for visually conveying the artistry and creativity that Croker brings to his music. They served as a testament to the power of design in communicating complex concepts and emotions, such as music, through a simple yet visually striking image.